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The ECEi Story

Success is a team game!

This is one of my favourite life mantras. I think it applies to everything and is a good deal more gender-sensitive than “No man is an island’!

There was never a better example of this collaborative spirit, than the ECEi Story. Without the help and advice of those around me, not to mention their encouragement and enthusiasm, this project would never have hit your screens. I thank them all wholeheartedly, for making my ECEi dream come true. And I thank you too - coaches all around the world - for now sharing it with me.

Dr Mike Bourke

MikewsNo one has been more supportive of ECEi and my frequent and ongoing absences from all things homely, than my husband.

The countless hours at my keyboard, the late-night absorption in matters equestrian and my bleary-eyed attempts at breakfast conversations have passed without complaint, and his support has ranged from an astounding array of culinary experiments to buying me an airline ticket for international speaking engagements and the upcoming ECEi launch in Europe.


Thank you, Mike – for everything!



Judit Kovacs, owner of Braidwood Design Studio

Braidwood Design StudioFar beyond my own skill set was the huge task of bringing all the ideas and ever-growing content of ECEi to those for whom it was created. I have no higher praise than for Judit, who has done just that.

Webmistress extraordinaire, designer, editor, colleague and friend, Judit has constructed the ECEi site from the ground up as it has become ever more complex and technically challenging. I cannot overestimate the breadth and quality of her input in solving all manner of problems over the last year and a half, as the site has morphed from my first fist-full of ideas (which fitted comfortably into a bubble-map on half an A4 page!) in to the immensely complex IT architecture that supports ECEi today. Her untiring efforts have served to inspire me when ECEi threatened to swallow up both of us, as it acquired a life of its own. Yet her support and enthusiasm for ECEi has never faltered and her belief in me has never waned.

 Thank you, Judit – ECEi wouldn’t be here without you!


Nathan Burton, international graphic designer.

Nathan Burton international graphic designerNathan is based in London and has a glittering CV from the top end of the international publishing town.

Masterful Equestrian front covers FINALws

I first saw Nathan’s work on the cover of a newly-published book which Mike gave me for my birthday. I was so struck by the quality of Nathan’s work that I emailed him to ask if he would consider designing all the book covers for the twenty-one texts I have written for ECEi. To my delight, he agreed. We now have our very own genre of equestrian coach education books to support the ECEi site, (coming shortly!). The covers are distinctive, elegant, and delightfully simple – which of course is the hallmark of all great design.

(Image of one of the book covers)

Thank you, Nathan – your work is stunning!


Rob Baublitz

Bob BaublitzAfter months of trawling the net for a high-quality gold image of a horse’s head, I finally discovered this photo on one of his sites. It was just exactly what I was looking for as an iconic image for ECEi. With a little sleuthing, I traced its origins to Near and Deer, in Alabama USA.

cover idea 5a CopyWhen I wrote to enquire about copyright, I met the owner, Rob. I told him the ECEi Story and to my huge pleasure he immediately most generously agreed to me using his photo for our logo and book covers – and absolutely anything else I wanted to do with it!

What a delight to find such generosity halfway to the other side of the planet and yet no more than an email away!

Thank you, Rob – this is a glorious image!



Reagan Harrison

Reagan HarrisonThere are no known boundaries to Reagan’s skills when it comes to keeping me IT-connected.

Without his generous support at all hours of every day, I would have long-since torn every hair from my head. Living in rural New South Wales is one thing, but staying connected to the internet is, it seems, quite another! I’ve discovered there’s nothing quite like a major net-based enterprise to apply pressure to the head and heart when computers give up the ghost, or the internet goes off the air.


Thank you, Reagan – for saving my sanity!