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34168098 bpc leadOf course, we all know what coaching is, but do we know the best way to make it happen?

Are we giving our riders what they really want, or need, in the most effective manner?

Could we coach more effectively and raise the standards of our riders more quickly?

We believe that there are many things we can do to enhance a rider’s progress and better facilitate their learning. We can do this by updating our traditional coaching practices and making them more relevant to today’s equestrian activities, for both recreational and competition riders.

Other topics in coaching: Coaching in General and Coaching for Competition


Articles in Advance Coaching, Vol I

The 12 fundamentals of best practice coaching (*)

34168098 bpc leadTopics in this article

The 12 fundamentals

  1. Protecting your professional image
  2. Getting positive results for your clients
  3. Observing your duty of care
  4. Knowing coaching from teaching
  5. Respecting your limitations
  6. Being tactful
  7. Upholding your principles
  8. Maintaining your integrity
  9. Trusting your feelings and the Little Voice
  10. Being able to say "I don't know"
  11. Communicating on the client’s terms
  12. Including the horse

Intermediate corners 1 - the preparation

51988293 coaching intercornersTopics in this article

  • Principles translated to practice
  • The geometry of an intermediate corner
  • The importance of good preparation
  • Preparing for the corner
  • Problems, causes and corrections

Intermediate corners 2 - coaching the ‘thirds’ of the corner

horse leg in competitionTopics in this article

  • Coaching the first 'third': how to ride into the corner
    • First 'third' problems, causes and corrections
  • Coaching the second ‘third’: how to round the corner
    • Second 'third' problems, causes and corrections
  • Coaching the last ‘third’: how to ride out of the corner
    • Last 'third' problems, causes and corrections

Intermediate corners 3 - the departure from the corner

60441502 inter cornerTopics in this article

  • The objective
  • Problems, causes and corrections
  • Corrections up the long side
  • Corrections on the short side
  • Conclusions and observations

Consistency - the hallmark of a great coaching

success of gold Topics in this article

  • Definition and importance
  • Technical consistency
  • Educational consistency
  • Communication consistency
  • Consistency vs repetition
  • Developing and measuring consistency
  • Tips to improving consistency

Coachability Scores

coachability scoreTopics in this article

  • A new tool and the goals
  • Coachability Scores
    • General impression
    • Validation
    • Mistakes
    • Commitment
    • Contributive learning habits
    • Experimentality
    • Self-belief
    • Home practice
    • Affordability of fees
  • How to score

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