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time for coachingOf course, we all know what coaching is, but do we know the best way to make it happen? Are we giving our riders what they really want, or need, in the most effective manner? Could we coach more effectively and raise the standards of our riders more quickly? Those of you who have read the ECEi Story will know that I believe there are many things we can do to enhance a rider’s progress and better facilitate their learning. We can do this by updating our traditional coaching practices and making them more relevant to today’s equestrian activities, for both recreational and competition riders.

So we might start with a few nicely private questions about how we could improve our own coaching skills – which, as we know, are quite independent of our level of riding skills.

Do you know which flaws in your coaching might just be getting in the way of your riders’ progress? Have you even considered that there might be flaws in it, at all?! Or perhaps you been doing things the same way for absolute ages, without being at all sure of how you might coach more effectively or raise the standards of your riders more quickly?

These are confronting questions for a working coach to address. But they do come with answers. Finding out what those answers are will propel your coaching into a whole new world of achievements and success. Clearly, you care about this, so I invite you to read on, and enjoy!

Other Topics in coaching: Advanced Coaching and Coaching for competitions

Articles in Coaching in general, Volume 1

Coach or teach (*)

30592576 coach teachTopics in this article

  • Description of the dilemma
  • Ideals
  • Fundamental relationships: teaching, learning, coaching
  • What your choices mean for the horse and the rider

Personal Development for the busy coach

development definitionTopics in this article

  • Why we need to stay up to date
  • Nuts and bolts of PD - a state of mind
  • Keep your treasures and know what is relevant from the past and the future
  • Use technology to your advantage
  • Synchronise with your client's interests
  • Don't try to be all things to all people

Criticism vs critique

can of wormsTopics in this article

  • Debating the dilemma
  • Definitions side by side
  • Why critique is progressive
  • 8 critical differences

Consistency - pros and cons

59063021 consistency pathTopics in this article

  • Follow the path of consistency
  • Definition and its variable meaning
  • Towards a consistent definition
  • Benefits of consistency
  • The price of inconsistency

Home practice - self-directed learning

home practice dilemmaTopics in this article

  • Definition & description
  • Why it is a tricky business that could be counter-productive
  • It is tricky for the horse as well


Exploring confidence

75504779 confidenceTopics in this article

  • Definition - why confidence is plural
  • Usefuleness
  • 12 Top thoughts on confidence which need remembering:
    1. different confidences
    2. confidence vs courage
    3. confidence and success
    4. confidence and happiness
    5. caring for confidence
    6. responsibility for confidence
    7. confidence as a finite resource
    8. task specific confidence
    9. situation specific confidence
    10. confidence and currency
    11. losing confidence
    12. gaining confidence

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