equestrian coach education international

ECEI commitment to excellence

success key 200If there is one word which drives ECEi it is ‘excellence’.

In the ECEi world that we are creating, excellence applies equally to all equestrian education - to beautiful teaching, quality learning and skilled coaching at any level. ECEi also necessarily respects kind, educated horsemanship in any discipline, as excellent in its own right.

It’s a privilege to share any special moment of excellence, no matter what the discipline or activity, and regardless of whether the person we’re watching is winning international acclaim, or ‘just’ making us a glorious cup of coffee.

At the highest levels, excellence is easy to see and society readily rewards it. But there is excellence at much more modest levels too, where excellence of effort often escapes such applause, despite at an individual level, meriting just as much recognition. ECEi does recognise this.

ECEi recognises the very many coaches who are wonderfully skilled and create exquisite moments of excellence for their riders and for their horses.

ECEi Community of Best Practice Coaching

53907240 best practiceAs an expression of this commitment to excellence, ECEi is founding a Community of Best Practice Coaching, where all coaches may share experiences of excellence, and applaud it at all levels.

ECEi invites you to be a lively and contributive part of this community, whether you agree or disagree, have experiences to share, are on the hunt for more knowledge, work in wonderful facilities, or are out there on your own in the back paddock.

Come – celebrate a little excellence with ECEi, today!


ECEi commitment to education

educationwsMost of us would agree that education is the key to a brighter future in most fields. This is certainly true in the horse world.

To improve the standards and safety of recreational riders, to support the development of competition and produce high-quality competitors, we undoubtedly need good coaches. But to retain the health and vigour of our sport, and ensure its future, we need, above all, to satisfy the equestrian needs of the everyday riders, for they are the seedbed from which all high-achieving riders will be born.

In this busy, internet-savvy world, these recreational riders need to enjoy their sport. It must deliver social pleasure, health benefits, value for money, value for effort...and more. To make this happen in a difficult sport, we need excellent coaches across the whole spectrum of equestrian sports. But they won’t just fall out of the sky! Excellence in equestrian coaching is only going to happen if there is excellence in our coach education. ECEi is committed to contributing to that through providing an international platform for coaching resources, across all the major equestrian disciplines and at all levels of coach accreditation.

Educate a rider and you will contribute to their life and the wellbeing of a handful of horses.

Educate a coach and you will contribute to the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of riders and the wellbeing of countless horses.

ECEi can contribute to and share coach education with coaches, across frontiers, disciplines, levels of achievement and experience. This has the potential to contribute to the lives of tens of thousands of people and horses around the world. It’s mind-blowing. Thanks to the internet, the opportunity is massive. The responsibility is awesome.

The ECEi commitment to the wellbeing of the horse

remembering the horseECEi is firmly bound to supporting our societal responsibility to enhance, preserve and maintain the wellbeing of the horse.

There have always been important moral and ethical considerations surrounding the use of horses in human societies, although these matters have not always been as top-of-mind as they are today.

As coaches, we’re on the front line of that usage in our societies and we can positively contribute to addressing the horses’ wellbeing in many practical and educative ways. It is an important part of the ECEi ethos to embrace this responsibility.

The ECEi commitment to coach education today, and for the future of our sport

future keywsIt is without doubt important to lay foundations for the future. However, this is not at the expense of what we can do right now.

ECEi can contribute a great deal to the equestrian world of today. I intend that it should do just that, and I welcome the support of others of like mind in the equestrian community.

Together we can create a platform upon which to build the education of tomorrow’s best-practice equestrian coaches.

Meantime, there’s work to do for today’s coaches. That’s you, and me, and our coaching friends and colleagues. We have information to be shared, resources to be gathered and discussions to be had. There are books to be read and others to be written. There are questions to be asked, there are answers to be found, there are stories to be told and efforts great and small still to be made.

ECEi is the vehicle for this.

After three years of building ECEi, I can vouch for the fact that it now has the capacity for the job. And there’s a seat on the ECEi vehicle, reserved for you – so I hope you’ll choose to join me on this journey into our equestrian future.