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Welcome to ECEi - From tutus to top hats!

Tutus? Top Hats?

Please explain!

No matter whether riders are astride fluffy ponies of indeterminate parentage, or equine super-stars of magical proportions, they’ve all had a First Pony just like every ballerina has had their first tutu.

Like those dancers, most riders will want to progress over time. For many it will be their life’s passion. A few will want to perform on the big stage someday. That’s where their top hats (or equivalent glamorous gear) comes into the picture!

It is our way of telling you that ECEi is as inclusive as possible across all ability levels of coaching while discipline-specific and ability sensitive. We are making available our knowledge of educational principles and coaching strategies so coaches can use to reach best practice coaching that will take our riders from tutus to top hats.

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A practical point of view - articles written by equestrian coaches, for equestrian coaches!

We all know how complex and how difficult equestrian coaching can be. We all enjoy the delights and demands of competition and the enormous variety of challenges which the horse brings into our coaching day. There’s no other sport quite like this one!

Let’s move into the twenty-first century!

This is all about getting better, more efficient results, for the horse, the rider and the coach, results which generate fewer mistakes, less re-learning and better all-round performance.

ECEi will tread fearlessly among these educational dynamics. We’re offering you a comprehensive bank of coach education resources.

So, if you too want to coach better than ever before, you’re invited to join the ECEi party - today!