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learningSome of us love it and some of us loathe it! Where do you sit with your learning? In all probability, your feelings arise from your early learning experiences, and the wonderful thing about being human is that we can choose to change how we feel.

In my book, learning should always go hand-in-hand with fun. It’s the greatest adventure on the planet!

Like most things, learning gets to be progressively more interesting the more you get to know about it. Check this out…

  • Do you know your preferred style of learning?
  • Are you all up and running with the different sorts of feedback?
  • Do you know when to use the different types of practice regimes?
  • Do you know how to accelerate your riders’ learning without compromising their safety or their enjoyment?

If you find yourself in familiar territory, read on for much more of the learning story. If you’re trying to puzzle out what on earth we’re talking about, please join in for a well-proven, sports science-based, fun way to revolutionise your teaching! 

Articles in Learning Vol I 

Teacher-rider responsibilities (*)

rights duties obligationsTopics in this article

  • Shared responsibilities - the 50%-50% concept
  • The rider's 50%
    • punctuality, presentation,
    • state of mind, stress management, fatigue,
    • hunger, dehydration, health,
    • communication skills,
    • preparation of the horse,
    • home practice,
    • contributions to learning

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The principles of learning

learning is funTopics in this article

  • The comfort zone
  • Proving the rider's skill set
  • Filling the gaps
  • Sorting out the skills
  • Sorting out the tasks
  • Positive feedback
  • Saving the horse from a bad result
  • 'Shaping' and 'chaining'
  • Guided home practice
  • Variety, using resources and listening to the Little Voice

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Learning stages

learning stepsTopics in this article

  • Three stages - concepts and definitions
  • Duration of learning stages
  • Learning stages - individual or group lessons
  • Relationship to skills
  • Remembering the horse
  • Comments and tips

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First impressions matter

omg keysTopics in this article

  • Why first impressions matter
  • Horses know better
  • Fine example
  • Some final thoughts

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Home practice

learnTopics in this article

Definitions and concepts

  • Self-teaching
  • Self-coaching
  • Self-polishing
  • Take home message

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learn to unlearnTopics in this article

  • Concept and description - why is it the most difficult learning of all
  • Our mental filing system
  • Examples
  • When to change method
  • Pearls of wisdom

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