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Safety - is paramount!

safe redAs equestrian coaching and teaching professionals, for most activities that we undertake there are boundaries and limitations that require upmost awarenes and alertness at all times - No. 1 is safety. There are topics to avoid, there are situations to control, there are always safety matters to consider.



Articles in Safety, Volume I

Coping with excessive numbers (*)

61885499 excessive numbersThis article covers:

  • Insurance quotes
  • Risk management - when and how to split the group and when to recruit help
  • When it's best to change your plan
  • Pony Club teaching
  • How your mentor can help
  • When it's best to withdraw gracefully
  • Take-home tips

Distances and STOP

good distancesTopics in this article:

  • Working distances - how to adjust them
  • The influence and roles of the lead rider
  • The middle riders and the last rider
  • Keeping a safe distance
  • Adjusting side distances and riding abreast
  • Holding a working tempo
  • The emergency STOP and teaching the STOP

Check your gear

74107498 equestrian equipmentTopics in this article:

  • Guidance on the best habit you'll never have to break!
  • General impressions matter
  • Scrutinising the saddles, saddlecloths
  • Checking girths, stirrups, bridles and reins
  • The importance of bits
  • Other useful gear
  • NO-NOs!
  • How to do a gear check

Knowing your limitations

know your limitationsThe topics in this article:

  • Boundaries around teaching
  • When saying 'no' is the right thing
  • Home-grown challenges
  • Risk-management - the powers of professional judgement

Unsuitable mounts

rearing horseThe topics covered by this article

  • Non-negotiable mounts
    1. too big, small, broad, narrow, old or young
    2. over-educated, temperamental, quiet, unsound or with difficult behaviour
  • Some negotiables
  • Obligations to clients
  • Obligations to yourself

All about rest

all about restThe topics covered in this article

  • The importance of rest
  • Rest for occasional riders
  • Rest for regular riders
  • Types of rest - active, mental, emotional
  • Rest for the schoolmaster
  • Rest for you

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