equestrian coach education international

OUR MISSION - Education, learning, coaching, support, mentoring, science, theory and resources

ECEi is creating a new model of equestrian coaching, one which moves on from the historical military model to better fit the needs of today’s riders and protect the wellbeing of the horse in meeting the demands of our present-day equestrian culture – both in recreational riding and across the competitive disciplines.

To do this, ECEi has a threefold Plan

  • To broaden the base of equestrian coach education
    ECEi will take coach education beyond the acquisition of technical equestrian skills to include information from other relevant disciplines, such as veterinary science, farriery, and other sports as might relate to enhancing equestrian performance and preserving the welfare of the horse.

    ECEi will source this information from experts around the world

  • to update coach education with twenty-first century content
    ECEi will
    embrace the sports sciences (including sports psychology, biomechanics, nutrition, exercise and fitness), educational learning theory, and equitation science, incorporating these principles and practices of skill acquisition for both horse and rider, into the ECEi educational resources

    ECEi will invite contributions from educational specialists across these disciplines, and where necessary will ‘transpose’ the principles of their work into equestrian-specific language for coaches’ practical use

  • To maintain the integrity of this new coaching model
    ECEi will offer equestrian coaches the opportunity to integrate their ongoing professional development in to their everyday coaching practices.

    ECEi will provide an international forum for contributions to best-practice coaching through gathering a bank of equestrian-specific coaching resources, and providing a hub for professional interaction and informed educational support.

This is in order that, regardless of our particular equestrian disciplines, we as coaches can improve the quality of our work so that we achieve significantly better results, and in doing so

  • better meet the needs of our current clients
  • better prepare ourselves to meet the needs of our future clients
  • better preserve the soundness and wellbeing of our horses and those of our clients.

Welcome to ECEi and a successful and happy coaching future!