equestrian coach education international

Equestrian Coach Education international, is the first site of its kind in the world.

ECEi is

  • very much user-based, and it’s intended to be mega user-friendly. All the content is written specifically for equestrian coaches, by equestrian coaches, with experts in complementary disciplines (like the sports sciences) invited to contribute, provided they use equiSpeak and not academicSpeak.
    All the ECEi content is a direct response to requests from practising coaches, for information or resources. It’s information that they want or need to know, can’t locate, or which nobody – until this red-hot minute! - has written down. Just drop us a line if you want to contribute to this.
    ECEi is for coaches at all levels and across multiple equestrian disciplines, because educational learning principles apply to every horse and rider, at all skill levels and no matter what equestrian activity they’re doing.

ECEi is

  • a response to the need for coach education in our sport. Compared with many other sports, we are currently ill-resourced. While there’s masses of information out there about what to teach or coach, there’s extremely little material on how to coach. I want to fix that.

ECEi is

  • entirely equestrian-specific. This is because there is even less material out there which is relevant to our sport, and which is written in equestrian terms using language that we can understand and use in our daily coaching. I want to fix that too!


  • educational philosophy embraces an ethical, moral and practical responsibility for the Horse’s welfare at all times. This responsibility extends to its care and management, it’s training and education, and its subsequent use across all disciplines regardless of whether that be in a competitive, professional or recreational context. We know so little of the horse and yet we ask so much. We have a moral duty to the Horse to address the many issues which this raises and to educate ourselves in how we might improve and preserve his soundness, better facilitate his performance and enhance his mental and physical wellbeing.

ECEi will

  • try to ensure that the resources are varied, entertaining and informative. They will include ebooks, articles, studies and commissioned pieces from experts around the world. If you know of links out to any other sites or resources that may be useful, I’d be very glad of your input here, ‘cos I’m... er .... a tad busy right now!

I look forward to building this ECEi Community of Best Practice Coaching with you, for its goal is to represent equestrian coaching at its best and my hope is that you’ll want to be part of this.

Lastly, being part of ECEi will not be solely educational. While ECEi certainly has a serious message, I’ll do my best to make sure that it’s fun too.

That’s a promise!

Sue Halden Brown