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47792492 potentialOf course, we all know what coaching is, but do we know the best way to make it happen? Are we giving our riders what they really want, or need, in the most effective manner at all times and for all circumstances? 

We are coaching at various levels for a variety of purposes.

At the elite end of coaching, we are coaching for competition, for performance, for achievement, coaching the rider and the horse.

Other topics in coaching: Coaching in General and Advanced Coaching




Articles in Competition Coaching, Volume I

General vs competition coaching (*)

67069083 gen or comp coachingTopics in the article

  • General coaching objectives
  • Competition coaching objectives
  • Consequencies of mistaking general with competition coaching
  • Timing of coaching
  • The primacy-recency effect
  • What competitors do not need to know
  • What career equestrians must know
  • Competition skills
  • The competition profile
  • Tuitional tapestries

Reconciling standards of training and competition

77998386 winners cupsTopics in this article

  • Competition standards
  • Factors that impact on standards
  • Inappropriate standards
  • Competition decrement
  • Skills development
  • Package of good competition coaching

Coaching: competition rehearsals

rehearsalTopics in this article

  • Are rehearsals a good idea?
  • The value of lists as aids
  • 11 Elements for home practice and rehearsal
    1. warm up duration
    2. lack of instructions
    3. choice of pace
    4. lunging
    5. working in hand
    6. what to include in a warm up
    7. rider stress
    8. rhythm is your rider's best friend
    9. transitions
    10. familiarity
    11. travelling

Coaching the rider's confidence

47792492 potentialTopics in this article

  • Respecting the rider's confidencel
  • Personal potential
  • Self-belief, self-confidence and self-efficacy
  • Social confidence
  • Competition confidence
  • Horse/rider confidence
  • Confidence in the gear, the coach, the officials
  • Your confidence in the rider

Elite coaching

red formula one carTopics in this article

  • Considerations for coaching 'Formula One' riders
  • Building on characteristics of elite coaching
  • In summary
    • lighness of touch
    • the elite rider's needs
    • competition demands
    • assumptions beware!

Exploring your own confidence

21428035 unlocking confidencesTopics in this article

  • Definition of success
  • Confidence in the future
  • Caring for confidences
  • Confidence management
  • Repair plans

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